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Whether it’s a play, concert, or comedy show; at an arena, dingy club or high school cafegymatorium, there is nothing like live entertainment. I founded Technodramatists to create new opportunities for artists and audiences alike to connect through shared live experiences. But, in the words of the ever-prescient Goo Goo Dolls, Broadway is dark tonight. It has been since March and will remain so until at least the Summer of 2021. …

Today was the first time I attended an in-person rehearsal in almost a year. It was for AliBi, Technodramatists’ first livestream theatre experience, which is set to premiere on February 6th. We started working on this project nearly a year ago as an in-person show. Back then we didn’t call an in-person show because we never conceived we’d produce any other other kind. But here we are.

We’re limiting the amount of folks in the rehearsal room so our director can still run the show from an iPhone.

On top of the challenges of producing a new piece of theatre while developing and implementing new performance technologies, we’re also faced with the far more significant task of keeping everyone on our…


We are an innovative theatre and live entertainment company that uses emerging technology to create unique and performative entertainment experiences.

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